New Paragliding Destination - Honduras

December 22, 2023

Ready for an adventure?

Are you an xc pilot dreaming of cloudstreets in uncrowded skies? A little fun in the sun in a distant culture?

If your answer to these questions is yes! then keep reading...

Only a few local pilots and visitors know of this secret, Villa de San Francisco in the heart of Honduras.

Now we want to share this with you!

About the Event

The Honduran Paragliding Association (APH) is collaborating with the municipality of Villa de San Francisco to host our first international paragliding festival from March 21-24, 2024.

If you are an experienced XC pilot and can arrive to the international airport on the 19th or 20th of March, we will provide :

  • Transportation to the festival from and to the airport
  • Accomodation during the event
  • Retrieves during the event
  • Hidration points and snacks

This benefits will be provided to the pilots registered using the form below.

There will be cultural events/food in the evenings in the central park so we expect a great time for all.

We are already expecting pilots from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Canada and the USA.

The offer of transportation, accommodation etc. is available for a maximum of 30 pilots and because this is being hosted by a tiny community of local pilots our hope is to attract pilots that can explore the potential of our region.

How to Join?

If you are interested in being part of this adventure register using the following link and we will get back to you:

Or feel free to contact us at for more details.

About the site

The town name is Villa de San Francisco.

We are located in the Central American dry belt about an hour East of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

Our launch site on Mount Capiro connects three valleys and mountain ranges, and our good days include lots of white, puffy, cumulus clouds to go XC.

We regularly flying with the company of vultures, working together to find the next thermal.

The visitors that we have hosted have commented after flying here that we have the best potential flying site in Central America for xc.

Our main launch site is located at 1,600MSL with ample room for take off, gear setup, possibility of different wind directions and nice cabins with camping area.

EL Amanecer Cabins